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Systems Thinking

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Systems Thinking

Customers’ view or opinion of an organisation is formed by what happens at the point of transaction, how their demand is met, how the organisation responds and whether the organisation adds value to them. Value must be defined in customer terms. World Class organisations think of the customer transactions in terms of how well the customer is able to ‘pull value’ from the system – that is, get his or her needs met. The faster the ‘pull’ of value, the better the service and the lower the cost.


The difficulty most organisations have is that they do not possess the skills to truly understand how to analyse their own business from a customers point of view and as such, invariably design processes and strategies from an interpretation of what they believe customers want and then impose their products or services on to their customers.

Systems Thinking is a way of helping people view their organisations not only from a customers’ point of view, but from a broader perspective and focusing on the whole organisation as a system rather than paying attention only to its various parts or departments. It is a powerful approach to improving service or production, reducing failure and mistakes, and eliminating waste at every level of the organisation. Our professionals are all trained experts in the understanding and practical application of Systems Theory, Systems Analysis, Systems Thinking and Intervention Theory. They specialise in anaylsing, redesigning and sustaining change systemically and can deliver outstanding results in almost any area of business and industry.


At Himsworth Consultancy we pride ourselves in our ability to apply purist Systems Thinking in an operationally pragmatic way enabling our clients to learn our methods and continue the learning and improvements themselves. This enables outstanding results to be achieved.

Because of the vastness of this subject we offer a variety of programs for our clients:

  • Introduction to Systems Thinking (3-5 day Programme)
  • Workshops
  • Training
  • Interventions
  • Leadership and Systems Thinking
  • Understanding your business as a system
  • Measures for learning and improving
  • Understanding your customers