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TNT-logoI can’t believe how easy it all is once you know the inside secrets. I would have never discovered any of this on my own – like everyone else, I always thought improving supply chain performance was difficult. Well, it isn’t.

Scott Atkinson – Operations Manager – TNT

BUPA_3_COL_TEMP_AWHimsworth Consultancy are the best consultants I have had the pleasure to work with. They are able to engage and influence at all levels in order to achieve the desired results. They make you think about improvements not only to process but also to the way in which you can best manage change.

Beverly Stagg – Sales Manager – Bupa

e-on-logoI was overwhelmed by the positive response to the first week in our Customer Service Centre. “Absolutely fantastic”; “Inspiring” “Challenging” “It’s so simple everyone should be doing this”, “Himsworth Consultancy make it so easy” being just some of the initial reactions.

David Palmer – Operations Director – E-ON

Chaucer-logoWe engaged Himsworth Consultancy to help us address two significant business challenges – release capacity for growth and delivery of superior customer service. The outcome has been truly staggering … I have been very impressed by Himsworth Consultancy.

David Mead – Chief Operating Officer – Chaucer

HBOS-logoHimsworth Consulting helped us transform our mortgage sales process. The processing time improved incredibly, we eliminated all complaints and we now need less people to achieve an even better service.

Ian Laurie – Underwriting Manager – HBOS

EDAAT_logo_partnership_commissioned_byHimsworth Consultancy worked to help us tackle a problem that was causing repeat crime. We have improved waiting time from 23 days down to 1 day. It is improvement beyond our wildest dreams. I cannot recommend Himsworth Consultancy highly enough; they have made a huge contribution to the improvement of drug treatment in Essex and have made us a country leader.

John Adams – Manager – Essex Drug and Alcohol Partnership

e-on-logoCustomer feedback has been brilliant proving that even in debt collection we can provide a world class customer service. Thanks so much for your hard work, you have no idea how big a part you have played.

Jodie Austin – Manager – E-ON

aon-logoThey brought performance improvement to life for all and personally, I learnt a great deal which will definitely guide my approach to future challenges. I very much look forward to working with them again in the future.

Colin Ashworth – Manager – Aon


clays logoLow on jargon, big on getting to the heart of what really matters – that is what makes Himsworth Consultancy refreshingly different. They do not shy away from the fact that real cultural change takes hard work, analysis and dedication, not tools and fads. However, as a result, what they left behind was a management team with the knowledge and confidence to implement sustainable and lasting improvement, driven by a goal of putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. It’s common sense delivered with great purpose.

James Allison – Commercial Director – Clays Ltd