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Customer Service Improvement – Reducing claim times and increasing customer renewals for Insurance firm

Multi-million pound savings, reductions in average claim times and a significant increase in customer renewals were achieved through our work with an international insurance company. The company asked us to improve customer service, eliminate waste and increase capacity in its motor claims business. Our challenge included absorbing a 50 per cent growth rate within current […]

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Customer Service Improvement – Mortgage firm cuts losses

Our support eliminated multi-million pound losses within a high street bank’s mortgage division and saved a further £10million by improving customer service. The bank was losing more than £60million from early repayment charge (ERC) errors within its Mortgage Product Transfer division. Internal projects and more than a million pounds spent on external consultancy firms had not […]

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Customer Service Improvement – Boost for bank

Our work with a high street bank resulted in multi-billion pound benefits for our client’s mortgage business and a dramatically improved customer service provision. The bank had overreached itself by over-lending to customers in a drive to become one of the biggest mortgage providers. The outcome resulted in lost profits, customers leaving and low morale, which […]

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